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Конфер.:животът във Вселената/Workshop:Life in the Universe

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Конфер.:животът във Вселената/Workshop:Life in the Universe

Мнениеот valio_98 » Съб Юли 09, 2022 4:13 pm

Конференция: животът във Вселената / Workshop: Life in the Universe, 24-28.10.2022

Търсенето на живот във Вселената изисква биологията, химията, астрономията, а и вероятно и други науки да работят заедно за да се получи отговор. През Октомври 2022 година в София ще се проведе конференция, която цели да обедини изследователите от различните области в решаването на този проблем.

Повече за конференцията може да се прочете тук.
А по-надолу привеждам и част от първата обява, на английски.


Ever since the dawn of human civilization, the problem of defining life and searching for its occurrence has been of great interest. One might even argue that along with the emergence of intelligence and consciousness, the understanding of life itself is one of the premier scientific issues of our time. Over the past decades, there have been major achievements in astronomy, such as the discovery of exoplanets in amazing abundance; chemistry, such as the development of synthetic networks with overlap to geochemical processes; quantitative biology, such as our ability to increasingly understand in detail the workings of processes underlying living systems and the existence of all manner of extremophiles; and the studies of geochemistry and the fossil record of the early earth. These achievements, if brought together, offer the possibility of yielding major breakthroughs for the aforementioned scientific questions.

To facilitate such a fruitful transdisciplinary interaction, we are organizing a research meeting to take place in Sofia, Bulgaria the week of October 24-27, 2022. We plan to invite both leading experts and early career researchers from the relevant research areas and discover opportunities for cross-fertilization between subfields. Our aim is to create the seeds of major progress in our understanding of life. Fields to be represented at the planned meeting include:

Exoplanets: their detection, dynamics, and remote sensing thereof
Geophysics, geochemistry and the connections between prebiotic chemistry and the origins of life
Synthetic cells and minimal organisms
Quantitative approaches to biological networks such as those responsible for metabolism in living systems
Life in harsh environments; the search for extraterrestrial life in the solar system

In order to undertake this effort, we have assembled an Advisory Board of conference attendees. This group will help arrange the scientific program and direct the discussions toward accomplishing the stated goals.
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